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The Trellis

Privacy and tranquility in urban environments is a must so the trellis is a perfect solution. Whether it stands alone as a decorative element or loaded with flowering frangrant vines (think bougainvilleas), they make the perfect entryway for container and rooftop gardens. They look fabulous when hung with lights and ornaments and placed next to the fence. You can buy them in iron, aluminum and wood. The aluminum trellises are virtually maintenance free, never need painting, and they don't rust. 

Certain types of climbing vines can actually cool the air surrounding them so if you have plenty of vine-filled trellises sitting next to your home, they'll help keep it cool.  Did we mention most trellises are portable? 

←This waterfall trellis is the perfect accent to a patio, deck, porch or any outdoor living space.  It's an indoor/outdoor floor fountain that has a vertical tinted green plate glass framed with bronze colored cast iron aluminum sides.

Trellises come in all shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of settings.  Many wrought iron trellises have decorative themes like fluer-de-lis, birds, sun faces, diamonds, spin tails and more.  The smaller ones make really unusual art placed on the fence and can be easily painted any color.

Trellis Wall Sets can be pretty expensive but if you're looking to update the look of your backyard, (1) place a trellis wall set in the center of your fence, (2) with planter boxes below, and then (3) on the outer sides of the wall set, start placing decorative wrought iron pieces, just like the wall art in your home.  Be the first on the block to have an out-of-sight backyard!

Reforest Teak Trellis.  Strength, durability and natural weather resistance have made teak the wood of choice for generations of builders and craftsmen.  Reforest Teak Trellis Teak makes these trellises from durable, sustainably harvested teak with high-quality construction details and stainless steel hardware. 

Reforest Teak practices the best forestry techniques in the industry.  These trellises can be placed on the patio or several can be placed next to a fence to create a perfect wall of blooming color. The trellis can be purchased alone or with the planter trough.

DYF Tip:  When summer arrives and you want something to hide the fireplace, this Reforest Trellis and the planter trough would be perfect and really unusual inside!  Low light climbing plants like Ivy would work very well and Ivy is durable and fairly low maintenance.  It would make an excellent center piece filled with faux flowers and greenery for those that don't have a green thumb.  If you're looking for a truly "unique" gift for your special someone, I think you've found it! 

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