Fence Decorations

 ClickHanging Baskets on Fence Painted Design with Wrought Iron Wall Art & Garden Edging


Purple Coneflowers on the Fence

Coneflowers Airbrushed on FencePhoto taken November 26, 2009.

Spring project is to use two old hanging lamps found at a flea market and re-purpose them as candle holders. BIG candle holders!

We'll also put wrought iron hanging baskets on the plant brackets that you see here with a white flowering plant flowing downward. We'll use a long chain so that the hanging baskets almost touch the ground and the flowers just kind of spill outward.

A garden full of coneflowers will sit adjacent to this fence for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind backyard. IT'S GOING TO LOOK FABULOUS! In the meantime, call Christopher Smith at Space City Airbrush to get your one-of-a kind painted fence mural. He'll give you pricing details and answer all of your questions. http://www.SpaceCityAirbrush.com

 First Outline.


First Step:  This section of fence was painted with Kilz then the outline of the coneflower painted and left to dry. Second step is the detail work with the airbrush. Photo taken November 26, 2009; grass is wet and dormant for winter.


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