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 ClickHanging Baskets on Fence Painted Design with Wrought Iron Wall Art & Garden Edging


Photos for Ideas & Inspiration

 Fence in Austin, Texas





 Austin, Texas - Small Side Fence with Painted Art






 Flower Mural on Fence, Austin, Texas



We just happened upon this home in Austin, Texas, June 9, 2009, and had to stop and take photographs. Top right photo is of the side fence - it really looks like a shelf with potted plants sitting on it! 

 Austin, Texas  Ground Seating
 Memory Fence, Austin, Texas


An animal watering trough makes a great water fountain and the grassy mound of dirt is now a seating area (Austin, Texas).  

Left photo is a fence, but plywood was nailed over the fence and a seating bench built below it.  Photos of Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin and other great musicians are placed in each section of the fence.  They call it a "Memory Fence."

 US Flag Kit for Cyclone Fence  
 Balmy Alley Mural, San Francisco, California

 Rafting by P.Richardson, Australia






Ever wonder what your fence would look like painted blue? Can you imagine an old English Garden or Victorian theme with a white trellis and yellow and white roses trailing all along the fence?  Or, how about an Underwater World brightly colored metal fish swimming along the fence?  With an airbrush artist, some decorative elements and your imagination, you'll have total relief boredom. And. . . the fence can always be repainted. . . white.

 Blue Fence by Chris Smith

 Art by Christopher Smith - Space City Airbrush  A fence with football helmets painted on it? Of course!

Dressed-Up Chain Link Fence

 Low Purple Fence



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