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Painted Fences and Outdoor Murals

Purple ConeflowersThe current project at DYF is the "Purple Coneflower Project."  It's a virtual wall of purple coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea Asteraceae) painted on a section of fence about 12-1/2 feet long by airbrush artist extraordinaire, Christopher Smith of Space City Airbrush in Houston, Texas - http://www.SpaceCityAirbrush.com

We can hardly wait until Springtime 2010 gets here because we're going to add two large glass hanging lamps that we picked up at a flea market.  We'll remove the electrical wiring and elements from inside the lamps and then paint the chains with black matte spray paint.  We'll place pillar candles inside the lamps to cast a soft, warm glow on the fence. There is a small garden to the left where we will plant 30 or 40 coneflowers, so be sure to come back next spring to see photographs. Plus, we hope to have Christopher come back and work his magic on other areas of the fence.  Don't miss out!

In 2006 we started the fence makeover by painting the fence a neutral color and placed decorative elements like plastic garden edging and painted sun faces  on the fence.  It was a good look then, but we wanted something more lively, sophisticated and "trendy." Most of the photographs from the previous version of DecorateYourFence have been removed but you can click here to see the changes this old fence has gone through. 

Painted Fence with Small Flower MuralAn outdoor mural painted on the fence will add impact, drama, and happiness, yes happiness via huge grins and smiles to your life!  Especially in the bleak and cold winter months when the flowers and plants die off and our colorful flowers fade. 

Monkeys and Jungle Theme Mural on FenceWith a painted fence mural, bright blooming flowers will always be visible, and you can create any kind of imaginable scene you want.  How about a sunny day at the beach playing volleyball; an underwater wonderland with magnificant corals, sea urchins, fish, and turtles galore.  Symbols of our freedom—the bald eagle, the the Statue of Liberty and the American Flag. You might even opt for abstract art or rustic scenes to match your home, and then start adding furniture and outdoor art pieces to compliment your mural design.

Blaine Whitford, St.Petersburg, FloridaIf you live in the St.Petersburg, Florida area and have decided that a mural project is for you, then meet my good friend, Blaine Whitford.  Blaine has been an artist all her life and has been designing and painting murals in the area for nine years. That's her on the left.

Blaine's website will give you introductory information about development of the project you want, murals, faux finishes, etc.  If you decide to use Blaine for your project, you can rest assured that every detail of the process will be discussed and that no questions will be left unanswered. 
See Blaine at http://www.SpaceGirlArt.com.    

Seaside Beach Scene mural painted by Blaine on a fence at a private residence in Seminole, Florida.  The fence is 66-feet long.Beach Scene Mural on a Fence in Florida




Ginny Keagen


Click here to see a couple of photos of a painted fence by Ginny Keagan, Zeeland, Michigan.   





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