Fence Decorations

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Outdoor Decor

When decorating your fence, use the same thinking you would use for your living room or other interior rooms.

Divide the fence into sections or use the entire fence as one general theme; just be sure to keep the overall theme the same throughout the backyard because it needs to be cohensive. 

Outdoor decorations and wall hangings can be found in most home improvement stores. Look for weatherproof landscape artwork that you can place on your fence. Most are sun and fade resistant.

Consider a small all-weather rug and hang it on the fence as a focal point and decorate around it with with the weatherproof art or hanging baskets, outdoor wall shelves, planters, silk flowers, sun faces... just any kind of outdoor wall art will do - as long as it pleases you.

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Candles, statutes, ceramics, copper wall art, metal wall hangings, chili peppers on a rope, Amphoras and Talavera pottery and more, can add style and personality to an outdoor living space.

Find outdoor wall hangings and garden art at home improvement and discount stores. Garden centers usually carry a large inventory and seasonal close-outs. Online auctions like eBay can be a good source for purchasing outdoor decorations, too.

You could also place decorative items on the exterior of your home, i.e., on the brick, but when placing nails into brick, be sure to use masonary nails and use your good judgment on the number of items that are used. Typically, less is more when placing them into the brick and it helps tremendously if the art pieces are large.  

Below is a complilation of photographs with outdoor decorative gifts and items from our affiliated partners. 


The Gnome, sometimes called a dwarf, is considered an elemental spirit that guards treasures of gold in the underground world.  Placed around the home and garden, they offer protection and good luck.













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