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BluebirdMany insect-eating birds help control wasps and mosquitoes including chickadees, house wrens, gray catbirds, bluebirds, vireos, warblers, orioles, tanagers, and even some of the sparrows such as the chipping sparrow.

Even some seed-eating birds like the purple martin, can help control mosquitoes, since this is what they feed their young in the spring.

 By maintaining a bird-friendly backyard, the birds you attract will help reduce insect problems, although they won’t wipe them out completely. 

Bird feeders and birdhouses are excellent ways to provide food and shelter, but there are a couple of more things we can do to create a safe and comfortable habitat for our little birdie-friends.  A fresh "moving" water source and nesting materials will attract finches and other songbirds and help them survive, thrive and flourish.  

A bird bath with fresh water attracts a large variety of Mourning Dove in Winterwild birds.  What's even more attractive to them is moving water.  Water that ripples, swirls or drips - because moving water is like a visual magnet to birds. Birds love to dip and flip and wet their wings.  They also like the gentle spray from a water mister.  Birds also need open water in winter as much as in summer, and not just because they're thirsty. Without regular cleaning, their feathers lose the ability to insulate against the winter cold. This is where a solar-powered bird bath or heated bird bath would be a life-saver.  Whether you have a hanging birdbath or a large landscape model - rippling, moving water (and heated water) is where the action is and they'll keep coming back for more!

Not all birds will use birdhouses (non-cavity dwelling birds).  Goldfinches will nest in hedges or trees.  Adding nesting material near a thistle bird feeder will entice them to nest close by.  Their breeding season runs from June to September, so they stay fairly busy building their nests, which can be found just about anywhere.  You don't have to buy nesting material.  You can make your own from dryer lint, pet hair, cotton yarns, string, tree moss and even clothes dryer sheets.  Collect your material, roll in a loose ball, place in a mesh bag or an empty suet holder and then hang it from a tree limb.  Having the nesting materials handy for your backyard friends, reduces their hunting and gathering time.  They love it!

Hummingbirds are nesters, too.  But, now that winter is here, they'll begin their long migrationback to Central and South America. If you've been hanging nesting material for hummingbirds in your backyard, chances are they'll return year after year because they know nesting material is easily available. Additionally, if you've kept a hummingbird feeder filled with nectar throughout the spring and summer months, they're likely to remember that as well, and return each year to take up residence in your backyard.

There are over 50 species of North American Birds that Birdhouses on a Weathered Fencewill use birdhouses and the size and shape of your birdhouse will attract specific birds.  You can install a birdhouse just about anytime of the year but fall is the ideal time.  Some birds will move-in and use them for a roosting cavity as the weather gets colder.  The house should be in an open, sunny spot and during the winter months the house should face South.  Be sure the birdhouse is secure to protect from wandering cats and squirrels.  If you want to "watch" the birds feed and keep an eye on their house too, make sure both are an optimal distance from each other.  After the birds have left the house, take it down and remove old nesting material then clean it with a 10% bleach solution.  Make sure it is completely dry before putting it back up.

The best feeders are (1) easy to fill and (2) easy to clean. You'll want one that is easy to disassemble too, so the old or wet seeds can be quickly removed.  During the rainy seasons, bird seed can get wet and spoil before the birds can eat it; so make sure the feed is dry.  Also, avoid feeders with sharp metal or glass edges as our little birdie-friends have only a thin layer of feathers to protect them. 

Birdhouses, Feeders & Products



Mosaic Hummingbird Feeder - A beautiful kaledioscope of color and light, this mosaic feeder rivals the brillant iridescence of your favorite little hummingbirds. Recycled, crushed glass is hand applied for a stunning effect. Each one is unique and never looks the same twice. Removable, soft-plastic flower feed ports with a generous 16 oz capacity; S-Hook included; Approximate size: 5-1/2" diameter. An excellent gift for the bird lover!  



Fairy House Birdbath - By day, birds will flock to frolic and splash. But when the sun goes down, the fun really begins as the neighborhood fairies return home after a hard day of magic and mischief. All-weather polyresin with a durable hand-painted finish. Size: 16 x 30"H



Standing Heated Birdbath - This heated birdbath always draws a crowd. A thermostat control prevents freezing and saves energy on warmer days. Ground-level bath has a 3 footed stand for stability Deck-mount bath clamps to any 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 railing Standing bath is 43" H with ground stake Provides life-saving open water for birds to drink and wash. Water won't freeze, even at 20 deg. below zero.  Thermostat saves energy on warmer days.  Bowl has heat-absorbing foam insulation 14" diameter.  Holds 12 cups.  13" power cord.  Bowl and powder-coated metal feet are weatherproof.



English Thatch Bird Feeder -
This earthy and unusual English Thatch Bird Feeder provides a rustic and authentic country garden feel to your backyard or outdoor space. It provides public feeding and shelter and more secluded nesting accommodations. Nest areas can be opened for fall clean-out and there is a solid wooden roof under the thatch. 21" x 13" x 21" with a perfect little swing for the perfect little bird.



12-Room Purple Martin Aluminum Birdhouse - No-rust aluminum birdhouse features an attractive and functional hexagonal design. Apartment floors snap out for easy cleaning. Doorstops and guardrails included. Lightweight, durable and easy-care. Starling-proof holes prevent marauding birds from entering. Telescoping galvanized steel Universal Pole fits any house and has a key lock for easy lifting and lowering; Includes ground socket. Some assembly required.  Size: 23" x 20"



The Cedar Purple Martin House has a natural, aesthetic appeal that will look good and last for years. Lightweight, durable and easy-care. Starling-proof holes, guardrails, divided porches and top perches; Weathers beautifully; Easy clean and assembly. Size: 18" x 17" x 19"H



Window View Birdhouse -  The whole family will get a birds eye view as wrens or chickadees raise their young in this birdhouse. Solid pine, with a clear plastic back that lets you observe the nest inconspicuously from inside your home. Two strong suction cups hold it securely on any window. USA. 6" x 5" x 8"H


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