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Decorate Your Fence? ....Of Course You Can!

Whether it's in the home or outdoors, this year many homeowners and renters will get busy creating their own personal outdoor living spaces. Some will go "all out" with fancy fireplaces, plush seating and stereo sound systems while others search for treasures found in antique shops, flea markets, and garage sales to decorate their outdoor walls. Are you ready to spice-up your view?

 The backyard is the new room to the home and the coolest thing on the planet today, right now are murals painted on the fence, so cure your craving for a backyard that blooms all-year round with your favorite flowers painted right onto the fence.  If flowers are not your "thing," then paint whatever you want!  Fire trucks, classic automobiles, airplanes, animals, a zoo theme with monkeys and tropical plants.  You're only limited by your imagingation and if, after a year or two you want something else painted on the fence, then paint over it.  It really is that simple!

When considering outdoor decor to place on your fence you can literally place just about anything on it, but we suggest sticking to one theme so it doesn't look like a hodge-podge of things hanging-around.  Build shelves and place red terracotta pottery on them or even Whirly-Gigs.  Or, take your plant brackets: screw them into the fence in a wave pattern and hang five or six hummingbird feeders on them.  Then sit back and watch several hummingbirds gracefully darting back and forth, right in your own backyard.

Trellis Wall Sets - The trellis has been around since biblical days. King Solomon used "latticework" for the windows of the temple he had built, which took seven years to complete. The trellis actually evolved from the method of laying wood in a crisscross pattern across the windows of the temple. Through the years different variations of height, width and style were added. The materials used to make them have changed dramatically, too. The trellis, arbor and pergola are in the same family - all providing beauty, shade and architectural detail to outdoor spaces.   Trellis wall sets can be used as the center piece on a long fence with added embellishments and accessories placed on each side for an amazing outdoor art piece.

Purple MartinsBirdhouses - It is believed that the American Indians from the Choctaw tribe began the U.S. birdhouse tradition by hanging dried-out gourds from branches (stripped clean from the top of saplings) to create nesting boxes for Purple Martins. The Indians knew the Purple Martin would consume a large number of mosquitos and other flying insects, so they set up poles and crossbars for the gourds to entice them to stay. Is someone in your family a birding enthusiast? 


Redwood Planters - large, medium and small - will be the focal point for decorating your fence and backyard in 2010. 

Don't have time to drive around town looking for that unique hummingbird feeder, outdoor weatherproof wall art, or decorative wrought iron?  Not to worry.  We've got plenty of suggestions, resources and outdoor decor right here at DYF. Plus, our sister sites and affiliated merchants have tremendous savings all year long, with some even offering free shipping. 

Are you a sports fan?   If you want a sports-themed fence. . think footballs, helmets, team logos and your favorite player's jersey airbrushed on the fence.  If you enjoy women's sports. . . do the same thing!  Soccer, water polo, basketball, golfing, tennis and more . . . the sky's the limit.  Christopher Smith from Space City Airbrush, painted two football helmets on the front of a building and we couldn't help but imagine how great they would look on your fence. 

You're going to love decorating your fence and how it looks . . . . . so will everyone else!


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